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new!!! 4000 FOOTER IPa


4000 FOOTER IPA, is a big American India Pale Ale. This IPA has four hop additions that help give this beer it big, powerful hop aroma and flavor.  We use Chinook, Amarillo, Columbus and we dry hop this beer with Goldings. 4000'ER IPA, is named after New Hampshire's numerous mountains that are over 4000 feet.  This is Woodstock Inn Brewery newest creation.
This is a limited year round beer.

6.8%  ABV, O.G. 1.062, 82 IBU's

new!!! Beer the reaper Imperial stout


Beer the Reaper is a Imperial Stout, loaded with with roasted Barley, Chocolate, and Black Patent malts. Hopped with CTZ, Perle, and Fuggles Hops. Black in color, with a light brown head. The Sweet Nose compliments the complex finish. Enjoy this brew for a limited time.

Only availble at rte 13 state line in Brookline NH and the Woodstock Inn Brewery

8%  ABV, O.G. 1.054



Summer Brew, is a light Pilsner Ale. We use Pilsner Malt and Sazz Hops in this beer. This is a light, crisp, beer that is prefect for summer.
Summer Brew is only available in draft.
15 IBU's, 3.8% ABV. 

new!!! Fellowship Ale IPa

Fellowship ALE

Fellowship Ale: This is a IPA that is orange in color, has floral hop note, and finishes with grape fruit bitterness. Brewed in collaboration with Lincoln-North Woodstock Rotary Club. The Woodstock Inn Brewery, will donate 50 cents of every bottle sold. to the Eradicate Polio Fund and to local Lin-Wood Rotary charities. This is year round brew. 
Available in 22 ounce Bottles and draft.
Please contact the Woodstock Inn Brewery or the Lincoln- North Woodstock Rotary Club for details. 6.4% ABV, 55 IBU's

Pigs Ear Brown Ale

Pigs Ear Brown AlePigs Ear Brown Ale won Grand National Champion for brown ales at the United States Beer Tasting Championships in 2004 and 2006. Medium bodied with a balance of roasted and crystal malts creating a hearty nutty flavor. Medium bitterness with a slightly sweet finish.
O.G. 1.054 / 25 IBUs / 4.3% abv

Red Rack Ale

Red Rack Ale Amber in color with slight caramel sweetness. Medium hop bitterness. Malty up front with a nice hop/ malt balance.
O.G. 1.058 / 23.3 IBUs / 5.5% abv
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White Mountain Weasel Wheat Ale

White Mountain Weasel Wheat Ale
Straw  in color with low hop character and bitterness. A light dry finishing beer. A summer favorite on those hot days.
O.G. 1.047, 4.13%abv
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White Mountain Raspberry Weasel Wheat

White Mountain Rasberry Weasel Wheat The same as our original wheat but with the delicious refreshing flavor of raspberry in every sip. A light dry finishing beer. A summer favorite on those hot days.
O.G. 1.047 / 18 IBUs / 4.13%abv
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Pemi Pale Ale

Pemi Pale AleBest Pale Ale in the Northeast and second overall in the Country at the United States Beer Tasting Championships. Pale amber in color with
O.G. 1.057 / 56.4 IBUs / 5.7%abv
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NEW!!! Through hiker double rye Pale Ale

Pemi Pale AleIntroducing the newest beer in our already impressive line up: Through
Hiker Double Rye P.A. At a time when most breweries are scaling back hop usage due to price and limited availability, we've gone to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with Through Hiker! This unfiltered behemoth is loaded with American Cascade and Centennial hops in the boil and over THREE POUNDS of Cascade in the hop percolator! As if that weren't enough, we dry-hopped Through Hiker in the fermenter with even more Cascade hops!
What does all this mean? 56 IBU's is what it means. At 13.5 Lovibond, Through Hiker is Amber in color with a slightly reddish hue due to the addition of Crystal malt and the ample addition of Cara-Pils malt. A full 20% of the grain bill consists of Weyermanns Rye malt which adds a spicy, full, viscous mouthfeel to the beer. Our total grain bill weighed out at
just over 450 lbs. which adds up to 7.9% abv. so please drink responsibly,
lamp shades on the head are SO yesterday...We'll be rolling out the red carpet for Through Hiker on Monday August 18th and it will only be available on site at the Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery!
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Old Man Oatmeal Stout

Old Man Oatmeal Stout A creamy unfiltered oatmeal stout with roasted and black patent malts shinning through.  Complex, medium to dry palate  with a bittersweet finish.
O.G.1.055, 5.13%abv
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Loon Golden Ale

Loon Golden Ale Light golden in color.  Dry and crisp with a semi assertive, Fuggles hop bitterness. Hops are prominent but not overwhelming. Overall, a well balanced representation of the golden ale style.
O.G.1.050 / 30 IBUs / 4.75%abv
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Kanc Country Maple Porter

Kanc Country Maple Porter A dark full bodied porter brewed with real maple syrup. Black patent malt character shows through in the beginning with a silky smooth finsh.
O.G. 1.069, 6.0%abv
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Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale Deep chestnut in color. Rich malty ale with low hop bitterness and aroma. Smoked peat malt gives this ale a subtle smokey finish.
O.G.1.054, 4.75%abv
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Autumn Ale Brew

Autumn Brew Chestnut in overall color. Medium bodied with apple and cinnamon flavor and aroma.
O.G. 1.055,4.63%abv
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Wassail Ale

Wassail Winter Ale Deep ruby hue, A hearty full bodies holiday ale . Very malty with assertive hoppiness combining with alcohol warmth.
O.G. 1.079, 8.0%abv
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Cogsman Ale

Cogsman Ale Deep golden in color. Clean, crisp, ale hopped with traditional English hops. A slight fruitiness gives way to hop assertiveness.
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Good old-time Root Beer

K&M Root Beer Try a K & M Root Beer float. Named for Keegan and Molly Rice.
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