Greeley… the pond. the trail. the beer.

Photos & blog by: Haley Dumont

Greeley Pond is nestled in a valley off the Kancamagus Highway. It’s a local White Mountain gem and a 15-minute drive from the Woodstock Inn Brewery, heading east on the Kancamagus Highway aka “ the kanc.”

LOCAL TIP: On your way, make sure you stop at the Osceola’s Outlook on the right hand side of the Kancamagus  for some dramatic mountain scenery!

Greeley Ponds trail head has 2 vastly different hiking choices:
(1) You can take the pleasant, easy grade of the Greeley Ponds trail to the two small ponds with wonderful mountain views. The Greeley ponds hike is roughly 3 miles round trip and a good hike for beginners. This trail is also commonly used by cross country skiers.

(2) The other option is to hike Mt. Osceola trail at the Greeley Pond and Mt. Osceola trail junction and bag two 4,000 footers, East Osceola and Mt. Osceola. This is a very challenging hike and is only recommended for experienced hikers. If you are prepared and ready for a tough climb, you would be rewarded with spectacular views from Mt. Osceola.

Woodstock Inn Brewery has an ode to this awesome pond and trail with a beer called Greeley Double IPA. It will be out later this month.

Adam, one of the brewers described Greeley DIPA as “an abundantly hopped double IPA. Pine, resin, bitter citrus, and passion fruit flavors are prominent in this beer, backed up by hint of caramel malt sweetness.”

Give it a try on tap at the brewery or in 16oz, 4-pack cans in stores throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Vermont.

Either hike I outlined above is deserving of a reward and Greeley Double IPA would make a great choice. 🍻

About Haley:
Haley is a rock star employee for Woodstock Inn Brewery – working front desk, restaurant & more.  She hikes in her free time and is a staff expert if you have questions about trails and hiking in the White Mountains.