More than just a road sign, Exit 32 has become a symbol for the laid back lifestyle found in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. To that end, we’re happy to introduce the newest Woodstock beer, Exit 32, a Galaxy-hopped, fruity pale ale, which we’ve released in partnership with our friends Jack Pollner and Andrew Reberio founders of the apparel brand Exit 32.

Exit 32 got started in 2009 when Rebeiro and Pollner wanted to show their pride in Lincoln. The pair started with some simple stickers and eventually began to design apparel and other items with the iconic sign logo. Pollner said the Lincoln area stands out as a melting pot nestled in the White Mountains, making it a unique destination for adventurers in New England.

“It’s an old mill town that has managed to maintain some sense of community after the mill closed and it evolved into a booming outdoor mecca,” Pollner said. “There is something to do no matter what time of the year you happen to be here. The area has become home to a community of like minded individuals who may not all recreate the same way, but they “get” each other, and exist with a common purpose.”

Scott Rice, owner of Woodstock Inn Brewery said, “I’ve lived in this area since (HOW MANY YEARS?) and beyond the attractions at Exit 32, the opportunities for outdoor adventure are abundant year round.  There’s a special vibe here and that’s why we were gung ho about creating an Exit 32 beer.”

Pollner’s common purpose matched up with Woodstock’s last year when he started kicking around the idea of collaborating on a beer.

“We’d always kicked around the idea of doing an “Exit 32 beer.” We talked with the folks at Woodstock Inn Brewery and got serious about it last summer. After tasting the Pale Ale we decided it was something we would be proud to put our name on. Woodstock felt the same and the rest is history.”

According to Pollner, Exit 32 has become one of his favorite beers.

“It’s nice and hoppy without crushing your palette like a lot of other beers out there today,” The beer is juicy without being too fruity, crisp and refreshing. It’s something that is equally at home at the top of a mountain (pack out those cans!) or in the bar after a great pow day.”

Exit 32 is only available at the source at Exit 32, for now. It’s on tap and in 6pk cans at the brewery.