Feb 23 2022

Gnosh Double Red Ale

2022 is our 40th year in business and we’re releasing five special anniversary beers! First up is Gnosh, a double red ale. Look for it in stores this month in 16 ounce, four-pack cans. Gnosh has notes of caramel with a great hop balance and orange and citrus notes in the nose. This beer is a nod to one of our OG (original) beers, Red Rack Ale. IT’S LIMITED! We only made one batch, so buy it now before it’s gone. Why are you calling it Gnosh and how the...

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Apr 20 2021

Sustainable Brewing: Spent Grain Beer Bread Recipe

Spent grain is a normal by-product of producing beer and constitutes a large portion of waste created by breweries.  As a leader in sustainability in the beer industry, instead of disposing of it, Woodstock Inn Brewery is committed to reusing ALL of it. “100% of the spent grain gets re-used. Our in-house baker takes 5-10 gallons worth every week, some goes to Beveridge Craft Beer & Soap Company to make our beer soap & lotion and a local farmer drops a trailer off each week that we fill up with...

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