We talked to Scott about a beer brine for Turkey. He’s a giant fan of brining turkey “because you can impart whatever flavor you would like while keeping the moisture in the bird.” Using beer can add flavor and/or floral characteristics plus it’s great as a tenderizing marinade so he walked us through the process and we’re sharing it with you!!

Below are the ingredients he suggested based on a 6 pound turkey. You can always adapt it based on the size of your bird.

8 cups of water
8 cups of beer (try a malty one like Pig’s Ear Brown Ale or Autumn Brew Ale)
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cups course salt

A few employees who ‘swear by this’ do it a day ahead of time but you can do it in as few as 6 hours beforehand.

Combine the ingredients in large stock pot or bowl. Stir the sugar and salt until they dissolve. Rinse the turkey, discard excess fat and place in pot with brine, breast side down. If you have a really big bird you’ll have to get creative… maybe use a cleaned cooler? If it won’t fit in your fridge hopefully it’s cold enough outside to store overnight on your porch or in a garage.

Anyway, remove your turkey from the brine an hour or so before roasting. Pat it dry with paper towels and let stand at room temp.

Then stuff and/or cook per usual and bask in the limelight as all your guests freak out over how tender and juicy your turkey is!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Woodstock Inn Brewery!

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