Tour the Galaxy With Lost Time

Almost 60 years ago, one of the most famous UFO cases to ever be documented occurred just down the road from the Woodstock Inn and Brewery in New Hampshire. The incident, known as the “Hill Abduction” or “Zeta Reticuli Incident” has since spawned a best-selling 1966 book, a TV movie and now, a new beer.

According to legend, Portsmouth residents Betty and Barney Hill were heading home from Montreal on Rt. 93, heading home when they saw strange lights in the area of Franconia Notch. After passing the signal tower on top of Cannon Mountain and the Old Man of the Mountain, the Hills reported the the object got closer, eventually hovering above their 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

According to the couple, the UFO produced a series of rhythmic beeping or buzzing sounds, causing the car to vibrate and a tingling sensation to pass through the Hills’ bodies. That’s when the Hills lost track of time. According to Hills, they were abducted by the odd inhabitants of the UFO they’d encountered, leaving them hazy, confused and terrified.

Woodstock’s second new beer to be released this spring will be called Lost Time; a double-dry Galaxy hopped, New England Style Pale Ale. Much like the Hills’ story, the hazy, juicy, bright and tropical New England-style pale ale is “otherworldly.” Lost Time has a 6% ABV and an IBU of 40.

Lost Time will be available at the Brewery as well as stores throughout New England this spring.

Whether you’re one of the locals or just passing through, Woodstock Inn Brewery is always alive and kicking with food, beer, brewery tours, and entertainment! Come discover why so many “Come To Play, Plan To Stay.”

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